A society celebrating Italian language and culture based in Cork

The Cork Italian Society, also known as the Dante Alighieri Society, is a voluntary society that was established in January 1957 to promote the diffusion of Italian language and culture.

The objectives of the Society are the study and appreciation of the Italian language, literature and culture and other such activities as may promote an understanding of Italy, its history and traditions.

Italian is not only a cultural language but a language of modern communication. Choose Italian and you will learn:

  • the language of a great modern country;
  • a language which is useful for business;
  • a language which is essential for those interested in literature, opera, theatre, cinema, and the fine arts;
  • a language important for those wishing to pursue an international career.

The Society runs weekly classes in the Italian language on Monday evenings at the Ursuline School in Blackrock from September to May.  The Society also holds a number of cultural evenings, when there are lectures on Italian language, culture or music.


The Society offers full and associate membership.  Full members are entitled to attend both classes and cultural events.  Associate members may attend cultural events only.

The annual fees are €130 for Full Members and €35 for Associate members.  The membership form for 2019/2020 can be found here.

Classes for 2019/2020 start Monday September 16th

Enrolment can be made by post or at our Enrolment night on Monday 9 September 2019 at 7.30pm in the Main Hall of the Ursuline School, Blackrock. Our teaching staff will be present and can provide advice on classes on the night. 

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to info@cork-italian-society.com